Group of people walking on the boardwalk at Titchwell Marsh

Mindfulness Walks RSPB Titchwell Marsh

Most people agree that being in nature is good for us physically, mentally and emotionally but sometimes it is difficult to give ourselves the permission just to go for a walk, or sit under a tree or lie in the grass.

We hope that by introducing people to the benefits of mindfulness, it will be easier to challenge the idea that we need to be busy and purposeful all the time. Often the big things in life are so overwhelming that we can’t see the smaller things that underpin our lives. It’s a bit like looking up at the grey clouds and not realising that there is a blue sky behind them.

Our walks are designed to help people connect with themselves, learn techniques to destress and reap the benefit of time spent in a natural setting. Titchwell Marsh is a haven for wildlife, with bird-filled lagoons, woodland glades and whispering reedbeds. There’s really no better place to recharge your batteries!

The walks are one hour long and we’ll be running them a couple of times a month between April and October on a Friday afternoon. This is probably the ideal time to find that quiet moment to relax, discard the stresses of the week and look forward to the weekend. The walk will start at 2:00pm and we’ll only take a maximum of eight people per event. Price per person is £2.50 via the booking platform here