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Hundreds of unforgettable experiences to discover on BeNorfolk

Looking for things to do in Norfolk? Get inspired with BeNorfolk and find hundreds of year-round free and paid for experiences for you to try out.

Ranging from guided walks to new cycle paths, craft activities to Champing (camping in historical churches) or stargazing in the Broads, there is something for everyone.

BeNorfolk aims to help you choose the right experiences and activities for you, using filters such as accessibility, theme and season.

Explore our website to find events tailored to your interests and location. Pick from an extensive menu of options to design your own itineraries to get out and about across the county, meet new people and try something different.

We will upload new activities to the website regularly so keep your eyes peeled for more stunning experiences to try out in Norfolk!

Discover the best things Norfolk has to offer. Start your journey now.