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Breweries of Norfolk

Fancy a pint? That warm, spicy brewery smell is so tempting on a winter’s day! Find out how the glorious amber nectar gets into your glass on this artisan ale trail, and visit six independent Norfolk breweries making the some of most distinctive beers around. Discover unique brewing philosophies, complex flavours and the hippest hops whilst chatting to innovative brewers, passionate about the sustainable future of this ancient alchemic craft. At state-of-the-art microbreweries, housed in magnificent historic buildings, you’ll taste everything from crisp pilsners and fruit beers to tingling sours and smokey stouts. Cheers! Your round…

Day 1
Duration Brewery Tours & Beer Tasting

Duration Brewery Tours & Beer Tasting

Enjoy a Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting at the heart of Duration’s innovative independent farmhouse brewery in West Norfolk, on select Saturdays at 3pm. Rooted in their historic, majestic West Acre home, by a crystal clear chalk river, and framed by the ruins of a medieval priory, Duration Brewery’s ‘Beers That Belong’ are brewed from nature and inspired by Norfolk’s rich landscapes.

This innovative brewery’s beers and ales are infused with an essence of time and place. Surrounded by nature’s creative solitude, Duration believes in making good beer, with good people and a sense of belonging. Their estate approach cultivates time, terroir, and purpose to produce ‘modern beers and wood-aged wild ales’. No wonder they keep on winning awards!

With terrific crowdfunding success, Duration has a clear eye on future developments, so now is the time to take a founder-led tour of their high-end Bavarian brewhouse and cellar. Discover the barrel ageing program and see one of 6 rare working UK coolships while learning about the brewing process, Duration’s sustainable ethos and where the brewery makes their deliciously balanced small batch beers, including fresh pale ales, crisp pilsners and wild ales, aged in wood at a slower pace. The beautifully packaged beers and informative tour make great gift ideas for beer-lovers or the beer-curious.

There’s free parking and full wheelchair access too. And after the tour ends, guests are most welcome to stay on in the taproom for the Duration.

The Smugglers Brew

The Smugglers Brew

On a misty winter’s night there’s nothing so welcoming as the warm glow of pub windows, fires lit and merry laughter spilling from the door. Head to The Jolly Sailors at Brancaster Staithe for an evening supping Norfolk beers brewed by Norfolk people, rich in flavour and fireside stories. The Jolly Sailors brews small batches of top quality real ale from ingredients sourced nearby and named for local heritage. In winter, try ‘The Smuggler’, a strong stout named after…you guessed…a smuggler. Once landlord of this very pub, William Hotching had a lucrative, highly illegal side hustle.

His ‘crop’ of contraband tobacco and bootleg rum was hidden in a secret cellar at the Hat and Feathers, another of his inns. Pulled by his horse, Black Bess, the stash was transported on a cart under a mound of herring. Well, would you fancy searching through a pile of old fish after a few days on the road? Exactly.

Hotching was soon running goods across the Atlantic in ‘Harlequin’, his speedy clipper. Eventually the excise men arrested Brancaster’s buccaneering free trader in Boston in 1865, nearly a century after the revolutionary Tea Party.

Not keen on stout? Try a refreshingly tangy ‘Sharpie’, named after a traditional Norfolk sailing boat or ‘The Wreck’ an aromatic old English Ale made with malted Maris Otter barley from Wells-next-the-sea. It’s named after the old merchant navy vessel, SS Vina, whose lonely wreck is visible on the Brancaster shoreline at low tide.

Day 2
Woodfordes Brewery Tour

Woodfordes Brewery Tour

Named after Parson James Woodforde, a jolly 18th century clergyman whose lively diaries celebrate his love of good food and great beer, Woodforde’s have been brewing award-winning beers for over four decades. And you’ll taste Norfolk pride and passion in every single drop. So what makes traditional ales like Wherry and Nog distinct from the modern beers developed by Woodforde’s Head Brewer, such as Conquest Imperial Lager & Voltage IPA? Find out from the experts on a tour of the brewery itself.

In the heart of the Norfolk Broads, you’ll explore the fascinating world of local brewing, learn about the brewery’s history and find out why Woodforde’s beer has Norfolk written into its soul. You’ll be considered a trainee brewer and see the beer being made from the best locally grown malt and whole hop flowers. Discover each stage of the brewing process and learn how the Head Brewer makes sure every beer leaving the brewery meets top notch quality standards.

Then you’ll get to the best bit…tasting! Woodforde’s have their very own brewery tap, The Fur & Feather Inn, just metres away with the full range of beers and the best tasting Woodforde’s around.

After the tour, perhaps book a table in the restaurant where the chefs use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create flavours complementing Woodforde’s very special local brews. Everyone tucking into a Fur & Feathers meal will have a 10% discount in the brewery shop, perfect for treating yourself to Woodforde’s memorabilia and take-home beers.

In the interest of safety and child protection, we are sorry to inform that we are unable to accept under 18s on our brewery tours.

Day 3
A Norfolk Brewery

A Norfolk Brewery

At a magnificent 500 year old barn in the heart of Norfolk, All Day Brewing pour passion into distinctive beers made in an entirely different way. Exciting and experimental, Norfolk’s first and only lambic brewery blends contemporary environmental ethics with traditions going back thousands of years – including an annual hop picking festival in mid-late September. Brewing flavour-rich beers in the most natural way is an extraordinary alchemy. Lambics are spontaneously fermented ancient beers with complex flavours and a profound connection to local nature. Relying on microbes and yeasts in the air, these beers are a magical distillation of place, culture and craft.

Take a tour of their farmhouse microbrewery on the working Salle Moor Farm Estate to discover this fascinating process and chat to the brewers themselves. With ingredients so local you can see them growing from the brewery, you’ll learn about the organic hop-garden, 20 acres of organic orchard and fruits specially nurtured to flavour the beers. And of course you’ll enjoy a beer tasting and chance to buy some for home.

All Day Brewing specialises in wild and mixed fermentations and have a big barrel ageing project underway. They also make real cider and raw kombucha plus seasonal cordials and sodas. And their special green hop beers, brewed with freshly picked green hops, have a unique flavour profile completely different from the usual hot-air dried hops – definitely one to try in the funky rustic Taproom Bar and Kitchen!

Day 4
Redwell Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

Redwell Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

Small, passionate and bubbly as the beer, the brilliant award-winning Redwell Brewery taproom team are well known for on (and off!) site merriment, guaranteeing you’ll drink, you’ll laugh, and you’ll learn! There’s a warm welcome for everyone whether you’re a long seasoned beer-lover or brand new to the world of craft brewing, there’s something special here for you.

So what happens during a tour? You’ll have an hour behind the scenes discovering each stage of the brewing process with entertaining guided tastings of all the excellent beers brewed at Redwell. Then enjoy two pints of your choice either to quaff on-site or to take away to enjoy at home. Mostly you’ll have a good laugh as the Brewery Tours are designed to be both informative and entertaining! The core range is created from scratch in small batches here at the Trowse brewery in Norwich, using locally grown Norfolk malt and all kinds of exciting hops from around the world. Beers range from the popular Chewy Passionfruit IPA and fruity Extra Pale Ale to a clear, golden, easy drinking Norwich Pilsner with the flavoursome depth of good Czech-style lager and a good honest stout called Lusty Newton, a proper winter comfort drink for dark beer lovers.

At Redwell, they believe in beers for everyone so the whole range is certified vegan and gluten-free, meaning everything can be enjoyed by one and all. Join them at the on-site Taproom to get yours!

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