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Secrets of the Tunnels Escape Game

Secrets of the Tunnels Escape Game

The Shoebox Community Hub

There are dangers lurking beneath the Fine City. Will you be able to escape?

Discover a secret part of Norwich in this thrilling underground escape game beneath The Shoebox. In the shadow of Norwich Castle, Herbert the City Historian was secretly excavating a medieval street hidden below Castle Meadow. Intrigued by tales of secret tunnels, he’s hot on the trail of the legendary lost king of the Angles and his treasure trove burial site. Now he’s disappeared, leaving only clues about Norwich’s subterranean history. But the tunnels are starting to cave in! Are you brave enough to head underground and rescue our hapless historian before the walls collapse and your air runs out?

Don’t worry! We’ll keep you safe and there’s plenty of space to move around. But strictly no photos allowed! After all, some secrets should never see the light of day…

Your team has exclusive use of the game and on arrival your mission will be made clear by our friendly Gamemaster. You’ll have a fun hour of immersive gameplay in the hidden medieval street, working together to solve puzzles and unlock clues, while learning a few things about the historic location.

Suitable for families with children aged 10 and up and no upper age limit! There’s nothing physically demanding but there are a few steps, so you’ll need good general health. And if the excitement gets too much, there’s somewhere to sit down if you need to! After all, even Indiana Jones gets tired. Good luck!


21-23 Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 3DH


1-1.5 hours


£16.25 pp


Sensory Experience






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