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Dusk on the Marsh

Dusk on the Marsh

Wild Ken Hill
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Winter dusk falls early and you might just be thinking of settling down by the fire with a glass of wine. But who says you should stay inside on shorter days? Break your routine and venture into the Twilight Zone. Breathe in the earthy night air on a magical micro adventure by taking a guided walk at Wild Ken Hill marshes.

Caged by electric light, shut away from natural surroundings, we cut ourselves off from a sense of ancient wonder. As the light dies and colour fades, your senses sharpen, clearing away the mental clutter of the day. Spectacular winter sunsets shift into subtle shades of gathering night, transforming familiar landscapes into a whole new world, all silhouettes and purple glimmer.

From the open-air lookout on the freshwater marshes you might see short-eared owls and ghostly barn owls silently quartering the land, hunting for supper, while kestrels and buzzards settle down for bed and marsh harriers put on aerial displays, jostling for top roosting spots. Peregrine falcons hover ominously above duck and waders, chattering out on the silvery Wash. You might hear wigeon whistling and the haunting cry of pink-footed geese, flying home in ribbons across darkening skies.

Henry David Thoreau wrote “Many men walk by day; few walk by night. It is a very different season.” And evening walks are good for mind, body and soul, helping you to unwind, boosting immunity and strength, and connecting you with Nature and a good night’s sleep.


Estate Office, Heacham Bottom Farm, Lynn Road, Snettisham, Norfolk, PE36 5LZ


From £35 per person


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