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Brancaster Oysters & Mussels

Brancaster Oysters & Mussels

Show us your mussels! Norfolk’s seafood is amongst the finest in Britain so buy local and tuck into some of the most nutritious delicacies around. The succulent mussel is a jewel in Norfolk’s culinary crown, sweet, chewy orange treasures sheathed in sleek blue-black shells.

Mussels are sustainably farmed, cultivated on ropes hanging from rafts where they plump up on plankton. Harvested only when mature, they filter sea water helping stabilise banks of sediment. This makes them environmentally benign, key to good sea-stewardship supporting marine ecosystems.

Seafood is part of a rich gastronomic heritage. Norfolk’s ancient Romans were big fans of a tasty mussel, evidenced by shells found during archaeological excavations at the 230AD fort of ‘Branodunum’, east of Brancaster. Centuries later, local fishermen still work the shallow creeks, willing ‘slaves to the tides’.

Here’s the science bit: this impressive shellfish boosts your brain and immune system. They’re anti-inflammatory and packed with zinc, vitamins and levels of folic acid and iron to rival red meat. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and ridiculously easy to prepare. If you fancy a super satisfying supper with a delectable ocean taste, companies like Brancaster Bay Shellfish sell fresh mussels for home cooking. Try switching a wine broth for one made with Norfolk beer. Delicious!

Or dine out! The Mussel Pod, The White Horse, The Jolly Sailors or Salthouse Dun Cow are just some of the fantastic Norfolk restaurants for seafood feasts. Prefer oysters? Family run Brancaster Oysters home deliver. Sorted!


Brancaster Main Road, King's Lynn, PE31 8BJ


2-3 hours


Sensory Experience






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