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Bacton Wood

Bacton Wood

Bacton Woods

Escape into a dog-friendly woodland maze of trails for walking, jogging, cycling, orienteering and horse-riding, co-existing in pretty mixed woodland. There are over 30 species of tree including Scots and Corsican Pine, Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Larch. The Larch is particularly stunning in early March with its new needles of vivid, almost neon green.

Can you hear a rising melodious call from the pines? It might be a goldcrest. Spotting them is hard, as they are the smallest European bird, weighing only 5g, the same as a 20p coin. If there’s a gold stripe on its head, that’s a good indication you’ve found one!

There are few things as magical as eye contact with a deer in a misty glade at dawn on a May morning. Plenty roam the wood so you may well come across one, especially early or late in the day when they venture from the trees to feed on the grass along the rides. You’ll find Bacton Wood just north of North Walsham. It’s an idyllic place to spend the day immersed in the mood-boosting sights and sounds of nature. There are three walking trails to explore. Red, blue and also a yellow trail with an accessible surfaced route and frequent benches. Take a breather, close your eyes and listen to the whispering leaves and birdsong. Or you may prefer walking off the beaten track to discover the wood at your own sweet will.


Bacton Woods, North Walsham, North Norfolk, NR28 9UE


2-3 hours


Sensory Experience






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